Monday, 27 May 2013

Penelope Austin iTunes Single Of The Week and Debut EP Release

The Beautiful Dark is the long-awaited debut EP from Australian singer/songwriter Penelope Austin is die for a digital only release on May 30th, 2013. To celebrate, iTunes is offering Don't Rescue Me, a track from the EP as the Single Of The Week, making it available to download for free for one week from March 31st.

Says Penelope Austin "It sets my heart alight to release The Beautiful Dark. I have been wanting to share my stories and my music with the world, and now I am. It is incredibly exciting to think that iTunes are so behind me and wanting to use Don't Rescue Me as their Single Of The Week...quite humbling really." 

For Penelope Austin, 2013 has been a stellar year thus far. She wrote and performed one of the most high profile and successful television synchs of the year with A Place To Call Home, as well as collaborated on the track 'The Darkness Collide' with J.J. Abrams for Star Trek Into Darkness. HBO and SoHo Channel also picked up tracks by Penelope Austin to feature in their on-air brand campaigns.

Now with the release of The Beautiful Dark, fans of Penelope have the opportunity to experience all of the tracks in full, and not just segments on television or in cinemas.

The five-track EP begins with A Place To Call Home, a Top 20 iTunes hit due to it's affiliation with the Channel Seven drama of the same name. The previously unreleased Don't Rescue Me, previously only heard on HBO's summer brand campaign comes next, followed by the haunting Danger Zone, again previously unreleased and only featured briefly on air earlier this year.

Penelope's debut single Smoke Into Flames is the fourth track on the EP, as featured on SoHo Channel's launch campaign for Foxtel and the final track is an acoustic performance of A Place To Call Home.

All of the tracks were written and produced by Penelope Austin and her long time collaborator Robert Conley.

While not on the EP, The Darkness Collide from Star Trek Into Darkness is now available worldwide on iTunes. Previously the track was available exclusively in Australia.

iTunes EP Release 30th May 2013
The Beautiful Dark EP by Penelope Austin

iTunes Single Of The Week 31st May 2013
Don't Rescue Me - Penelope Austin

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